The Murder of Grange Barry Green

On November 19, 1939, a son, Grange Barry Green was born the seventh and last child of Grant and Velma Green in Pocatello, Idaho – Julienne Hawkes

Grant Green (1898-1946)

Grant Green (1898-1946)

Over the course of many years growing up in the Green family, I have witnessed multiple Green family members, numerous times, state how Wayne Green (Grant’s son) had a younger brother named Grange Barry Green who died at Bannock Memorial Hospital at age 5 in 1944, for no apparent reason or cause.


Bannock Memorial Hospital aka ‘The Morgue’

At the time, Bannock Memorial Hospital was known as ‘The Morgue’ to locals in Pocatello, Idaho, according to Millie (Wayne’s wife), who knew Grange Barry Green personally.

“Oh… he was such a cool boy… they killed that boy at the Morgue… he went in there healthy and came out dead.”- Millie Green

Source closely related to John Bolton, reveals Jews at Bannock Memorial purposely murdered Wayne’s look-alike brother because they believe he was born with the best genetics of all Grant Green’s children.

Interestingly, information on Grange Barry Green being murdered at Bannock Memorial is left out of Grant Green’s biography written by Julienne Hawkes.

Sandy Tubs, Melissa Knudsen, Melanie Flandro

However, this information is thoroughly available within Wayne Green’s family, including crypto-Jewish and Masonic in laws who are out to, through procreation, further break up the Green family’s Scottish-Welsh Aryan genetic lineage, according to this websites source.

In fact, Green family in laws (Tubs, Knudsen and Flandro) all have this knowledge about how Grange Barry Green was simply playing at school when he fell from the monkeybars during recess one day.


They also know that he was not injured in the playground fall when school authorities took him to Bannock Memorial Hospital against his will.

Further, they all specifically know exactly how he was intentionally murdered at the hands of Jewish doctors and nurse at Bannock Memorial Hospital before his parents were ever even notified of the ‘accident.’

To this very day, the official cause of death continues to remain UNKNOWN.

Tellingly, the boy’s father, Grant Green, also was murdered less than two years later in 1946 at the same Jewish hospital, known by locals as “The Morgue.”