The Millie Matrix

Wayne Green

In the early fifties, Wayne’s adoring admiration for his youngest daughter led his wife Millie, through existential envy, to ban outright their relationship – further penalizing the innocent 5-year-old child contemptibly by renaming her ‘KITTY’ (no shit).


Moreover, as further result, Millie persisted in abandoning her 5-year-old child emotionally, thus in turn, rejecting and spurning her at every conceivable opportunity, as if she was no longer a member of the vibrant Green family dynamic – whose motto is family first.

Through her steady and unrelenting ridicule, Millie systematically and methodically continued to discredit her youngest daughter at every possible turn and subsequently, was virtually the only attention the child ever received from this point forth.

Mad Millie – ‘Mommy Dearest’

Unfathomably, the emotional abuse went on remorselessly without compunction throughout most of Kitty’s life, where her Green family siblings further cultured a similar resentment against their youngest female sibling solely in attempts at gratifying their matriarchal mother – ‘mommy dearest.’

In fact, it became old hat to the extreme and routine to blame Kitty for every pithy little thing.

To the point her siblings all colluded just to make shit up, filing false reports just to fill their cup, after  running to mamma for the attention they’d get.

Fabricated allegations for mamma’s admiration, who in despoliation devotedly cast their accusations with reparations that further led to Kitty’s alienation – in a sick and twisted relation of relentless actuation.

“Oh, common Sandy… you know you guys blamed me for everything you did by telling mother to get me in trouble”– Kitty