Green Existential Envy

It’s imperative to understand just how pervasive the repeating theme of existential envy is throughout articles on this website, and how it relates to psychopathic behavior by Green family members concerning ‘Kitty,’ her husband Dr. Haeg, and their children.

Green family members already hold a deep resentment towards their youngest female sibling based on unbridled existential envy their mother Millie cast over the child at the age of only five, further demonstrated by  the fact she renamed the child ‘Kitty’ as remedy for her uncontrollable emotions, and how this dynamic extends into the life of Kitty’s husband and children.

Millie Matrix

Kitty, already downcast by her mother and siblings, as documented in the article above, married a future medical school student in high school who later became Dr. James P Haeg MD. Throughout the relationship however, Green family siblings exhibited an unrelenting existential envy towards the future doctor on multiple occasions, too numerous to count.

This largely stems from the fact that their father, Wayne Green, had his father die at the early age of only 48 through medical malfeasance (murder), and by proxy, badly wanted at least one of his children to become a medical doctor. However, none were ever able to make the grade and enter into medical school.

Green History   

Add these two together, i.e. the mother’s envy of her youngest daughter and sibling resentment of both her and her husband Dr. James P Haeg MD, through existential envy, and you get psychopathic behavior repeatedly administered against Kitty’s entire family.

Whereby Green family siblings, through their uncontrollable existential envy, constantly and relentlessly repeated discouraging remarks to Dr.Haeg while in front of his family:

“Jim, if you weren’t a doctor you’d be a total loss.”

Was the common phrase heard quoted over and over again by Kitty’s siblings who couldn’t please their patriarchal father’s request of entering into medical school, further exacerbated by Millie’s reward for berating Dr. Haeg’s wife her entire life, now extending to her husband, and children.

Existential envy which is directed against the other person’s very nature, is the strongest source of resentment. It is as if it whispers continually: “I can forgive everything, but not that you are— that you are what you are—that I am not what you are—indeed that I am not you.” This form of envy strips the opponent of his very existence, for this existence as such is felt to be a “pressure,” a “reproach,” and an unbearable humiliation. In the lives of great men there are always critical periods of instability, in which they alternately envy and try to love those whose merits they cannot but esteem. Only gradually, one of these attitudes will predominate. Here lies the meaning of Goethe’s reflection that “against another’s great merits, there is no remedy but love.

― Max Scheler

After Dr. Haeg started making big time money at his medical practice in Bellevue, Washington, the abuse by Kitty’s siblings became too much to bear, ultimately leading to the divorce of Dr. Haeg and his wife Kitty.

Where afterwards, Green siblings repeatedly encouraged Dr. Haeg’s son to kill his father, by persistently telling him, “someone should kill him” and “why don’t you kill him” in front of his mother who had been on occasion physically abused at Dr. Haeg’s hands.

Dr. James P Haeg MD

Years later, after the divorce, Dr. Haeg, who had never previously spoken badly of his Green family sibling in laws he discarded twenty years earlier due their repeated verbal abuses, out of the clear blue sky one day made the statement that he would never speak to them again as long as he lived.

Consequently, this set of circumstances has had its largest effect on Dr. Haeg’s son, who receives repeated abuse from both sides of his family, through undue resentment ultimately brought on by existential envy.