Existential Envy Matrix

It’s imperative to understand just how pervasive the repeating theme of existential envy is throughout articles on this website, and how it relates to psychopathic behavior by Green family members concerning ‘Kitty,’ her husband Dr. Haeg, and their children.

Green family members already hold a deep resentment towards their youngest female sibling based on unbridled existential envy their mother Millie cast over the child at the age of only five, further demonstrated by  the fact she renamed the child ‘Kitty’ as remedy for her uncontrollable emotions, and how this dynamic extends into the life of Kitty’s husband and children.

The Millie Matrix

Kitty, already downcast by her mother and siblings, as documented in the article above, married a future medical school student in high school who later became Dr. James P Haeg MD. Throughout the relationship however, Green family siblings exhibited an unrelenting existential envy towards the future doctor on multiple occasions too numerous to count.

This largely stems from the fact that their father, Wayne Green, had his father die at the early age of only 48 through medical malfeasance, and by proxy badly wanted at least one of his children to become a medical doctor. However, none were ever able to make the grade and enter into medical school.

Green History   

Add these two together, i.e. the mother’s envy of her youngest daughter and sibling resentment of both her and her husband Dr. Haeg through existential envy, and you get psychopathic behavior repeatedly administered against Kitty’s entire family.

Whereby green family siblings, through their uncontrollable envy, constantly and relentlessly repeated discouraging remarks to Dr. Haeg while in front of his family:

“Jim, if you weren’t a doctor you’d be a total loss.”

Was the common phrase heard quoted over and over again by Kitty’s siblings who couldn’t please their patriarchal father’s request of entering into medical school, further exacerbated by Millie’s reward for berating Dr. Haeg’s wife her entire life, now extending to her husband and children.

Existential envy which is directed against the other person’s very nature, is the strongest source of resentment. It is as if it whispers continually: “I can forgive everything, but not that you are— that you are what you are—that I am not what you are—indeed that I am not you.” This form of envy strips the opponent of his very existence, for this existence as such is felt to be a “pressure,” a “reproach,” and an unbearable humiliation. In the lives of great men there are always critical periods of instability, in which they alternately envy and try to love those whose merits they cannot but esteem. Only gradually, one of these attitudes will predominate. Here lies the meaning of Goethe’s reflection that “against another’s great merits, there is no remedy but love.

― Max Scheler

After Dr. Haeg started making big time money at his medical practice in Bellevue, Washington, the abuse by Kitty’s siblings became too much to bear, ultimately leading to the divorce of Dr. Haeg and his wife Kitty.

Where afterwards, Green siblings repeatedly encouraged Dr. Haeg’s son to kill his father, by persistently telling him, “someone should kill him” and “why don’t you kill him” in front of his mother who had been physically abused at Dr. Haeg’s hands.

Dr James P Haeg MD

Years later after the divorce, Dr. Haeg, who had never previously spoken badly of his Green family sibling in laws he discarded twenty years earlier due their repeated verbal abuses, out of the clear blue sky one day made the statement that he would never speak to them again as long as he lived.

Consequently, this set of circumstances has had its largest effect on Dr. Haeg’s son, who receives repeated abuse from both sides of his family through the undue resentment ultimately brought on by existential envy.


The Millie Matrix

In the early fifties, Wayne’s adoring admiration for his youngest daughter led his wife Millie, through existential envy, to ban outright their relationship, further penalizing the innocent 5-year-old child contemptibly by renaming her ‘KITTY’ (no shit).

Moreover, as further result, Millie persisted in abandoning the 5-year-old child emotionally, thus in turn, rejecting and spurning her every opportunity as if she was no longer a member of the vibrant Green family dynamic, whose motto is ‘family first.’

Through steady and unrelenting ridicule, Millie systematically and methodically continued to discredit her youngest daughter at every possible turn and subsequently, virtually the only attention the child ever received from this point forth.

Unfortunately, the emotional abuse went on remorselessly without compunction throughout most of ‘Kitty’s’ life, where her Green family siblings further cultured a similar resentment against their youngest female sibling solely in attempts at gratifying their matriarchal mother, ‘mommy dearest.’

In fact, it became old hat to the extreme It was routine to blame Kitty for every pithy little thing.

To the point her siblings all colluded just to make shit up, filing false reports just to fill their cup, fabricated allegations the principal currency in circulation for momma’s admiration, who in despoliation devotedly cast their accusations with reparations for the opportunity to further berate her spotless downcast child.

‘Oh, common Sandy… you know you guys blamed me for everything you did by telling mother.’

Jew State Pedophile Ring Matrix

According to Greg Dixon, a top level source closely related to John Bolton, Tara Bullock, who is Jewish, is infecting people with HIV/AIDS through access to the virus she has caretaking AIDS patients for the state of Washington at her home near the U-district in Seattle, Washington.

Whidbey State Farm agent and Tara Bullock relative look-alike Shelia DeLong

Dixon reports Tara Bullock originally hails from Whidbey Island, Washington, and is part of very influential extended Jewish family directly connected to the prominent Jewish MTV family from New York, who stared Music Television. In fact, Tara Bullock knows Jewish music producer Rick Ruben personally, who has produced music for Island Def Jam Records, located on Whidbey Island.

Tara Bullocks Seattle Home where she cares for AIDS Patients and Parties

Tara Bullock, by law, is required to keep secret from the public the fact that she cares for HIV/AIDS patients for the state of Washington at her home in Seattle, thus giving her both access to the virus and full immunity to spread it to unsuspecting targets of her choosing, as my source claims she is doing, without publicly being connected to the virus herself.

Including an attempt on ‘Thai Tom’ Dixon reports, who owns a restaurant in the U-district and is fully unaware that when partying at Tara’s home in Seattle, he is surrounded by AIDS patients Tara cannot legally reveal.

Steve Springer’s Red Apple Grocery in Langley, WA

Yet Tara Bullock has publicly revealed she knows Chris Smith, who is Jewish, and Dixon reports, among other dealings, is friends of Jewish Red Apple grocery owner Steve Springer, who is closely related to Washington Rep. Larry Springer-D Kirkland.

Jew Steve Springer

Rep. Larry Springer is close friends of Walt Disney’s Jewish nephew, Leon Kos, a Washington state politico whom is best friends of Dr. James P Haeg MD.

Jews Walt Disney and Leon Kos

Leon Kos, who is Jewish, literally grew up at Disneyland while it was being constructed in Anaheim, California, and is also the half-brother of Jewish Washington State Speaker of the House, Frank Chopp (same father, Dixon said). Leon Kos is also closely related to Jew Merrick Garland, whom was to be appointed to the Supreme Court under a Clinton presidency.

Jews Leon Kos Frank Chopp and Merrick Garland

Dr. James P Haeg MD is estimated to have made 50M dollars (in combination with investments) at his medical practice in Bellevue after graduating from the UW, Harvard, Yale and Dartmouth, where Leon Kos became his best friend and financial advisor.

Dixon said the Springer’s consist of a large Jewish extended family who married into the large extended Jewish Tubs family, whom also married into the Aryan Green family, Dr. Haeg formerly was an in law of while attending medical school and starting his practice in Bellevue.

Jews Sandy Green (née Tubs), Rep. Larry Springer and Steve Springer

In 1987, Jews Leon Kos, Larry Springer and Sandy Tubs all premeditatedly conspired, Dixon explained, to infect Dr Haeg’s 11-year-old Aryan daughter with HIV/ AIDS when they sent Jew Marin Morgan to rape her while she was home alone, knowing Morgan had contracted and was caring the HIV/AIDS virus before they sent him in.

Martin Morgan Matching Cadillac Decoy by LDS Church

Months later in 1987, Dixon reports they sent in another Jew related to Martin Morgan named Pat McKowen to rape Dr. Haeg’s daughter as well. However, Dr. Haeg’s daughter told McKowen, “Get out of our house,” before he got the chance.

Years later, around 2005, Pat McKowen sold his home in a Kirkland neighborhood through Dr. Haeg’s ex wife, who sells realty. The same Pat McKowen who had previously attempted to rape Dr. Haeg’s daughter, was now in a home next door to the girl’s mother that her brother, Bill Green, positioned her into with help from his Jewish wife, Sandy Tubs, just two years prior.

Dixon said Martin Morgan is also related to at least two Island County residents who are friends with Red Apple owner Steve Springer.

Jew Martin Morgan (Kirkland Council Candidate)

Dixon additionally revealed that around 1971, Martin Morgan murdered a young Aryan boy at the Kingsgate apartments in Kirkland, Washington, where he repeatedly stabbed and twisted a kitchen knife into the torso of his young victim, causing him to bleed out all over the carpet Morgan later used to roll the body up in before dumping it in the units dumpster, where it was subsequently found. However, police covered up the crime knowing full well it was Martin Morgan.

Jewish King County Sheriff…

The Jewish owner of the Kingsgate apartment complex, where the boy was murdered, had workers remove the carpet pad to protect Morgan, who is genetically connected to the elite, from implication of the crime. The complex was later sold to Asian investors to protect the original owner.

House of Morgan Media

Walt Disney’s Jewish nephew, Leon Kos, who had already moved to Seattle to target Dr. Haeg and his Aryan family for genetic dissolution, right after Kos set up Dr. Haeg’s best friend, Mike Ferry, for death on a mountain climbing accident tied off to a Jew with terminal cancer, ALSO protected Morgan from the crime of murder by having him change his name and enlist in the Navy in California.

Where rumor of the crime spread across the ship like wildfire, leading Morgan to be assaulted by fellow crew members on multiple occasions (for which he later sued and won substantial settlement). Some of the crew even went into port and filed complaints with the local police in California, but the police were told by higher-ups it was all just a ‘Navy gag,’ so the multiple complaints taken were destroyed without any investigation.

Had the complaints been investigated, they would have discovered Martin Morgan changed his name from ‘Sunderland’ to Morgan before entering the Navy, and had been living at the Kingsgate apartments at the time the boy was murdered.

Furthermore, as result of Martin Morgan’s second crime of attempted murder of Dr. Haeg’s daughter via rape with AIDS in 1987, Dixon said Kos had Dr. Haeg targeted by Kirkland police officers at his medical practice in Bellevue to cover up what he, Springer and Tubs had Morgan do to his Aryan daughter.

Kim Snider (Mother’s Maiden née Moberly)

Dr. Haeg currently remains friends with many of the Kirkland police officers previously sent in by Kos to be patients of his at his medical practice in Bellevue, to cover up the rape of his daughter, all of whom have direct connection, as does Dr. Haeg through his ex girlfriend Kim Snider (née Moberly), to Kirkland prosecutors Moberly & Roberts who are covering up the crime against Dr. Haeg’s daughter at the hands of Martin Morgan by going after Dr. Haeg’s son using monstrous lies and subterfuge.

Lynn Moberly (Related to Kirkland Prosecutors Moberly & Roberts)

Recently, in late 2015, Red Apple owner Steve Springer cryptically contacted the police from his store in Langley, under a covert Jewish Sayanim practices where no record of the event is available regarding the contact he made ultimately, to Kirkland prosecutor Moberly & Roberts cover up the rape of Dr. Haeg’s daughter by going after his son over an incident involving an assault psyop set up, that was preempted the Bellevue court record (per Dixon) full of lies and stratagem to protect Martin Morgan from rape, attempted murder and murder of a child.

It appears Steve Springer used a prior ruse set up from the 1990s, previously engaged with his Jewish friend Chris Smith to target an employee of his (below) in a similar technique to go after Dr. Haeg’s son in 2015, that was preempted on the Bellevue court record in front of pro tem judge Elizabeth M Asher, a Dixon family prosecutor, and ‘Tubs’ family in law court reporter, among others, in 2007, per Dixon.

Steve Springer’s Red Apple ‘Cherry Bomb’

According to Dixon, Red Apple owner Steve Springer previously set up one of own employees using Chris Smith’s stepson to throw lit ‘Cherry Bombs’ into his employees open window while Springer had him scheduled working at the Red Apple.

Apparently, Steve Springer previously had arraigned with the Island Co. Sheriff and Prosecutor at the time to protect Smith and his step son from an attempted arson charge, yet the contents of Springer’s employee’s home were completely destroyed in the Red Apple ‘Cherry Bomb’ subterfuge.

Dixon said Chris Smith and his stepson’s extended family are protected by Jewish politicos governing Island County to commit crimes with immunity in more ways than one and from what I’ve seen–that I can assure you through the nose.

In fact, it was this very revelation of attempted arson made by Springer’s targeted employee to Dr. Haeg’s son at the Red Apple, which in turn facilitated Red Apple owner Steve Springer to report news of this ‘revelation’ to the police without evidence of the report ever being recorded.

The police then forwarded Springer’s undocumented, inaccessible and undetectable phone call to Kirkland city prosecutors Moberly & Roberts, who went after Dr. Haeg’s son, the recipient of the arson ruse psyop disclosure from Steve Springer’s targeted employee’s own mouth, to cover up both the arson and the attempted murder, for starters, by Kos, Tubs, Rep. Larry Springer and Steve himself, of Dr. Haeg’s daughter via Martin Morgan’s rape and infestation they collectively set up.

‘There’s more than one way to skin a cat’

Dixon said years after Martin Morgan raped and infected Dr. Haeg’s daughter with HIV/AIDS, Martin’s wife Sharon suspected Martin was raping their two children and hired a private investigator to place hidden cameras throughout the home, where Martin was caught on video tape routinely raping and molesting his own children.

Sharon, with help from the P.I., also discovered pictures on Martin’s computer of him raping multiple children, including Dr. Haeg’s daughter, before she attempted to contact Dr. Haeg’s son about these newly discovered revelations.

Unable to reach Dr. Haeg’s son around 1997, Sharon called the back line of the Kirkland police department to report the crimes Martin had committed she held undeniable evidence of, where my sources Uncle, Kirkland crypto-cop Bauer Dixon, answered the phone line.

Kirkland Crypto-Cop Bauer Dixon

However, Bauer Dixon talked Sharon out of pressing charges against Martin Morgan, whom Bauer Dixon was friends with through his extended Dixon family connections, including through my source, and his nephew, Greg Dixon.

Crypto-cop Bauer Dixon also convinced Sharon to give him all her evidence implicating Martin Morgan, including photos Martin took of himself raping and infecting Dr. Haeg’s daughter with HIV/AIDS, which were promptly ‘destroyed,’ even though Bauer Dixon was a patient of Dr. Haeg’s at his medical practice in Bellevue.

Leon Kos, a licensed attorney who previously sent Martin Morgan into the Navy to cover up his first crime of murdering a young Aryan boy at the Kingsgate apartments, before sending him into rape Dr. Haeg’s daughter and infect her with HIV/AIDS, further sent in three Jewish women to befriend and mind control Sharon, who is unaware her husband has HIV/AIDS, to convince her that pressing charges against her husband for sexual crimes against their children would only destroy all their lives.

Due to Bauer Dixon ‘destroying’ the evidence Sharon turned over of Martin raping their children and others, including Dr. Haeg’s daughter, and in conjunction with the three Jewish women Leon Kos sent in to protect Martin, Sharon decided NOT to press charges against her husband, or peruse locating Dr. Haeg’s son, whom she knew.

Dr David Coppel

Added protection for Martin, included attorney Leon Kos recommending he seek the help of prominent psychologist, Dr. Coppel, who is close friends of perpetrator Jew Sandy Tubs and her husband Bill Green through a mutual Jewish friend named ‘Gary,’ in Pocatello, Idaho.

This was done by Kos to protect Martin, and appease Sharon, in case she later decided to press charges. Martin was also put on heavy medication to hide the fact that he has HIV/AIDS should he ever be tested for his crimes.

‘Gary’ and Bill Green

Meanwhile, Gary, who previously attempted to mentor Dr. Haeg’s son through his connection with Tubs family in laws, had planned on recommending a psych-evaul with his good friend Dr. Coppel, to render the only competent witness to Martin Morgan‘s crime of rape and attempted murder, mentally unstable and moot.

Martin Morgan, in 1987, after repeatedly raping Dr. Haeg’s daughter, stabbed Dr. Haeg’s son while he was working for Morgan’s company ‘Coleman Services,’ to cover up his crime by attempting to infect him the virus.

Leon Kos, Rep. Larry Springer and Jeff Jared

After the assault, Dr. Haeg’s son called 911 in Kirkland to report the crime, but received no response from the Kirkland police. Dixon said Kos, Tubs, and Springer along with Kirkland attorney Jeff Jared all provided Morgan with police immunity for the attempt, along with $3,000 cash to cover up, using Dr. Haeg’s son, what they collectively did to Dr. Haeg’s daughter.

Further explained by Dixon, was how Jews at Bellevue High school later attempted to cover up Martin Morgan raping and infecting Dr. Haeg’s daughter with HIV/AIDS as well, in a ruse whereby black Masons were used in attempt to infect multiple Aryan girls attending Bellevue High school in 1995, after setting them up with racial dates known to have HIV/AIDS as ‘gag,’ while all the popular Jewish girls they were with had prearranged their dates with black Masons.

Reporter Lori Matsukawa covered up the crime in her report for King 5’s news, owned by Jews, after some parents of the girls being set up, found out some of the girls previously knew their black dates, went to the media.

Dixon said many more attempts have been made in effort to infect people with HIV/AIDS to cover up Martin Morgan’s multiple crimes against children, including his own, whom he infected and have since been dating beginning in middle school, its reported.

Jews in the state, providing immunity for Martin Morgan, have repeatedly used the police to target Dr. Haeg’s son on false trumped up charges involving Kos, Springer, and Jewish politicos, to keep him from filing a lawsuit for 16 of the 20 years since this information became available in 1998. Red Apple owner Steve Springer just recently added another delay, with no evidence or redress, to further cover up these crimes against children he is now directly involved in.

Jack Nicholson and Greg Dixon (source)

Bellevue High School Jews infect Aryan Students with HIV/AIDS

Jews Infect Aryan Girl with HIV/AIDS

Jewish Bellevue Judge Steiner Attempts to Infect ‘Thai Tom’ with HIV/AIDS