The Big Lost

Wayne’s frequent trips to Mackay to fish the Big Lost with his youngest daughter created existential envy amongst her siblings 


In the early 1950s Wayne purchased a trailer in Mackay, Idaho and began fishing the Big Lost River in his free time.

Wayne had three young children in Pocatello at the time but preferred taking only his youngest daughter with him on fishing excursions to Mackay.

His oldest son and oldest daughter remained in Pocatello with their mother Millie while Wayne and his youngest daughter went away for a weekend together on the Big Lost.

This created a great deal of existential envy amongst the two siblings he left behind towards their youngest sister upon her return.

Over time, Mille began to loathe the child Wayne favored, and at one point renamed the child a derogatory pet name.

Moreover, as further result, Millie persisted in abandoning the 5-year-old child emotionally, thus in turn, rejecting and spurning her at every opportunity as if she was no longer a member of the vibrant Green family dynamic, whose motto is ‘family first.’

Unfortunately, the emotional abuse went on remorselessly without compunction throughout most of her life, where her siblings further cultured a similar resentment against their youngest female sibling solely in attempts at gratifying their matriarchal mother, ‘mommy dearest.’

In fact, it became old hat to the extreme it was routine to blame her for every pithy little thing. To the point her siblings all colluded just to make shit up, filing false reports just to fill their cup.

“Oh, common… you know you guys blamed me for everything you did by telling mother.”

Secret family Reunions

Later, as the siblings grew older and two more were added, secret family reunions without their younger sister became routine.

Apparently, through existential envy, the siblings organized in retaliation for Wayne favoring his youngest daughter when vacationing in Mackay on the Big Lost, and formed their own family vacation plans without their youngest sibling invited to join them at an event where it’s “Family First.”

The Big Lost River


Alex Jones’ Green Looking Family Members

Alex Jones has been posting ‘Green Looking’ Grandchildren and family members on his website


This man looks like Alex Jones (not Somali or Yemeni) and, well, everyone in the Green family knows exactly who the girl looks like, it’s irrefutable, the resemblance uncanny.




Below are two Infowars website links showing the same ‘Green Grandchild’ being used on two different articles involving children being raped.

Swedish Authorities Absent As Somalis Allegedly Keep Assaulting Rape Victim

Yemeni Man Rapes 13-Year-Old Girl In Sweden, Receives 18 Months Probation

Interesting how both these stories involve the rape of young girls age 12 and 13, being that John Bolton’s nephew, Greg Dixon (source), is claiming genetic ties between ‘Alex Jones’ and Green family member Wayne Green (through his father Grant Green).

See more here: Green Genome

The image (above) Infowars is using to promote rape stories on their website bares an uncanny resemblance to a particular a ‘Green Grandchild,’ yet is not the only photo related to the Green Genome Infowars uses however, they also use another one that closely resembles Green family member, Wayne Green, a look-alike of Alex Jones.

Alex Jones: Wayne Green Look-Alike

Alex Jones: Wayne Green Look-Alike

Reportedly comedian Bill Hicks faked his death to become ‘controlled opposition’ disso Alex Jones, whose father was a Texas cop with extended family ties to the CIA, and a long American pedigree extending all the way back to the Mayflower.

It’s even possible Alex may have been involved with Michael Collins Piper’s death, of whom reportedly he is also genetically related and had an ongoing feud with over entering into the conspiracy radio business looking a little too much like ‘Alex Jones,’ perhaps keeping his extended family members from getting in the way of Bill Hick ‘death.’

Alex is a quotient of controlled dissent. Reportedly, Alex’s job is to out as many revolutionaries (awakened individuals) as physically possible, using mostly truthful information – A common practice being played out all over the internet, as the majority of “truth sites” fall under these same cunning protocols.

In the third rank we shall set up what looks like our own opposing camp, which, in at least one of its publications, will present what looks like the very enemy of us.  Our real opponents at heart will accept this simulated opposition as their own and will reveal their identities and plans to us.Protocols

“If you do not know your enemy, don’t go to war with him.”  –  Sun Tzu

Alex Jones is an Agent of the Globalists Mission:

As Ketchum reported in his 2008 piece, three unnamed former intelligence officials told him that “8 million Americans are now listed in Main Core as potentially suspect” and, in the event of a national emergency, “could be subject to everything from heightened surveillance and tracking to direct questioning and even detention.” – Information Clearing House

Is Alex Jones targeting his own genetic family members who could out him as ‘Bill Hicks’, intentionally or otherwise, like Michael Collins Piper, who recently died in Montana from ‘heart attack’?

Is Alex being provided immunity by the CIA and police to openly use photos depicting crimes against children he is most certainly at some level genetically related?

What would be the intent of Alex using a photo unmistakably resembling a Green family Grandchild being kidnapped for a story depicting children being raped at his website Infowars?

The father of the Green Grandchild, ‘pictured above’ Alex is using on his website, attended Harvard Yale and Dartmouth in obtaining a medical degree. and currently has an estimated net worth of around 50 million dollars.

Only with protection form the CIA and police, could Alex get away with this blatant threat (and revaluation) against a Green Family Grandchild.

Jack Nicholson and Greg Dixon, Source.

Jack Nicholson and Greg Dixon, Source